Fun DIY Candy School Supplies

Here are some of fun, creative and unique DIY school supplies that look like candy! Have fun making your own school supplies that look like candy. Your teachers and friends will think you have candy and you will really have pens, erasers, glue, notebooks, highlighters and other school supplies. The notebook have a secret place to hide candy. Check out this video and more at KimspiredDIY on Youtube she has so many fun, unique and creative DIY school supply ideas and more!

Emoji School Supply Ideas

Here are 5 amazing Emoji school supply ideas! Have fun with these easy and cute miniature school supplies that are Emojis. Make a notebook, eraser, clipboard, keychain and backpack. Emoji DIY crafts are so fun to make. You can find some fun and creative things to find on KimspiredDIY’s youtube channel. She makes so many fun Emoji things: from slime, lip balm, room decor, school supplies and more. Her crafts are so unique and you can always find some great Emoji ideas. So if you love Emojis and are looking for some fun craft projects for the weekend or just to do when your bored then check her out.

Fun DIY School Supplies

If you are looking for some cute and easy DIY school supply ideas then you should check out KimspiredDIYs channel over on Youtube.  She has some unique, adorable and amazing ideas for back to school.  From makeup school supplies to candy school supplies, Starbucks and more you are sure to find something that will fit your style or your friends.  I recommend to check out her channel she is totally family friendly and great for kids and families.  Very unique and creative mind.